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  1. Ralf Thomas 17.09.2014 at 09:16 |

    Den Gimbal kann man aber noch nirgends bestellen !

  2. sleat 28.10.2014 at 16:33 |

    Nice, but can it be intelligently controlled by the APM to capture points of interest, work with “follow me”, etc, as intended by the APM software design?

    Normally, in an APM based machine, the camera mount can be setup to be optionally controlled by the autopilot, so that specific camera commands can be algorithmically generated. This seems like a key shortcoming for the TALI architecture. I’m trying to figure out a way to get the FCS-H500 to control the cameras directly, but also allowing RX pass-through. It’s definitely possible with “normal” ardurcopter.



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