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    Hi Gektor,

    I have 1 ques­ti­on related to the 350 Pro con­trols pre­cisi­on: After doing a power­train mod with Sun­nyS­ky motors, Opera ESCs and aero­naut Cam­Car­bon Light props on, I noticed an issue in flight control: When I hold the quad in my hand and roll it by more than 40°, a strong reso­nan­ce / ratt­ling is buil­ding up. This even caused the quad to crash once when it tried to com­pen­sa­te a wind gust. I tried to down-tune all P/D values (and even I) in Mission Planner, both RATE and Sta­bi­li­ze para­me­ter sets, the problem still per­sists. I have cali­bra­ted ESCs indi­vi­dual­ly, but I’m not sure if this beha­vi­or is due to ESCs getting out-of-sync at high thrust (this is what the outward motors try to do: When I roll the quad hard, they spin up to max thrust trying to com­pen­sa­te / blaance back into neutral). Or it could be the soft, quite fle­xi­ble arms of the 350 Pro need some stif­fe­ning since they are prone to mecha­ni­cal vibra­ti­on / reso­nan­ce them­sel­ves. Any idea where I should start ana­ly­zing the problem further and how to cure it?



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